Social media for small businesses: Build buzz and grow – Part 2

The second part of social media hacks for your small business is here. Continue to grow and create buzz on social media by following the last three tips below. #Easy.

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5. Stay on top of current events

If you work in a city, chances are there’s always something going on in your area. Adjusting the offer and communication in accordance with daily topics means you can get social media leverage. If there’s a sports tournament, tweet that you offer all contestants a refreshing drink for a special price.  If a politician screws up, bake an ugly cake with his name on the menu and post it on Instagram. If an artist is playing tonight, change the entire menu to match the songs. Be funny and clever, and people will actually want to share your posts − and your menu.

If a politician screws up, bake an ugly cake with his name on the menu and post it on Instagram.

Social Media Part II

6. Use the weather to your advantage

If it’s cold and raining, you could invite parents with children for hot latte and a complimentary cookie, and if it’s rush hour you could announce the world’s fastest breakfast package, pre-packed for pickup in pretty paper bags. Social media addicts love to brag about clever stuff, and your customers will know that they should follow you for the latest updates.


7. Exploit the rush hour madness

If you want people to sit and work in a quiet environment, you should probably cherish the silence, but if you want to maximize the rush hour madness, why not invite indie musicians and up-and-coming stand-up comedians for live showcase performances when the place is crowded. If you’re lucky, this will create some buzz, and will show the world that your place is a happening place.


Coming up later this week: The 4 must-have apps for your restaurant or café.  

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