How to identify the latest hair trends

Magazines, blogs and celebrities. Three great sources of inspiration for hairdressers to stay on top of the latest hairstyles. Inspirational, yes. But they don’t necessarily give an accurate picture of what really is trending at the moment.

What do you turn to when you’re about to make a big decision? Whether you’re about to buy a new coat, search for flight tickets or look for a new hairstyle – Google is most probably the place you end up on.

So, should you just randomly Google “hair trends”?

Not quite.

Posh is fab in her Bob cut
Posh is fab in her bob cut.

Say hello to Google Trends

A tool that’s as easy to use as it is effective is Google Trends. Here you’ll get a simple view of the search words that are trending on Google. By trending, we mean search words that are currently popular on Google and are increasing in number of searches. For example, the word Christmas is trending annually during the month of December.

So, by using Google Trends you can easily see which haircuts are trending at the moment in the UK. You simply enter the name of the hairstyle and then you’ll get a chart of the number of Google searches from 2004 until today. You can even see a forecast for the coming year, based on a predication of Google searches.

With this tool, you’ll actually be able to identify and track the real trends based on data from the general public in UK. Compared to keeping up with the similar trends through magazines, Google Trends will give you a more accurate understanding of what people actually are looking for rather than what an editor or celebrity prefers.


We’ve crunched the numbers for you and ended up with a list of the three most Google searched hairstyles in the UK:

Bob haircut

One of the most searched for haircuts on Google is the bob haircut. Click here to see the growing trend on Google Trend.

Quiff hairstyle

Beating the infamous man bun, the quiff hairstyle is now all time high trending in UK at the moment. Don’t believe it? See for yourself here. The other half of the Becks is a big fan of the quiff. 

The man bun

Hate it or love it. The man bun is at least searched about. Check out how the trend has grown over the last years here. Harry Styles loves to show off his man bun.

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