The man bun trend: good or bad for business?

We’ve all seen them. We all know one of them. Those long-haired men with pony tails a.k.a man buns. The man bun trend has spread like a plague all over the UK in the last few years, but unlike a plague, millions won’t die from it – not even hairdressers. We’ve listed five reasons on how hairdresser actually can profit from the man bun trend.

In the 1970’s long haired men were often thought of as radical and not exactly conscious of their looks. Today however, a lot has changed.

Do you think men with man buns are too lazy to take care of their hair, so that’s why they’ve let it grow? And that the man bun trend may mean less business for you? Well, think again.

To grow out hair for a man bun is a highly conscious choice, and these men are often even more vain and care more about their hair than others do.

These men are often even more vain and care more about their hair than others do.

We had a chat with Igor Milovanovic, not only the master of customer activation but also a proud man bun bearer.

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Superman Igor Milovanovic.

Igor gave us a few tips on how hairdressers can take advantage and make the most of the man bun trend. And a lot is simply by stocking up with the top-of-the-line products.

  • Offer trimming appointments at a lower cost. In that way, the man bun men can afford to visit you every other week. And when you’re finished with the trimming, you can upsell your latest products to them.
  • Don’t be cheap when it comes to combs: a good comb can be the one of your best investments for your salon.
  • Stock up with sprays. Saltwater and conditioner sprays are both popular among long haired men at the moment.
  • Educate yourself and your team! Today, you’ll find 30 different conditioners for coloured hair but which one will suit your customer’s hair the best? Your customers will expect you to know this.
  • Keep up with the latest trends: The hair industry is constantly changing and you need to stay on top of them to be able to deliver the latest products.


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