Thanks, 2015

2015: A year of man buns, beards and tons of other new beauty trends. It was also the year we launched the Business Hacks Health & Beauty, just in time for Movember 2015. Since then, we’ve provided you guys with the latest tips on how to grow you health & beauty business. And we’re just getting started.

To celebrate the launch of the Business Hacks Health & Beauty category and the new year that’s upon us, we decided to give your guys a recap of some of our best business hacks throughout the autumn. Enjoy!

“Offer discounted trimming appointments to all your man bun-customers.”

Find more ways on how to turn the man bun trend into something good in your salon here.

“Find your niche and distinguish yourself from the rest.”

More tips on how to find your niche is only a click away!

“Maximize your sales by extended opening hours on Saturdays during Christmas.”

Check out our Christmas Calendar here, based on all December’s sales from last year.

“Get your customers to be more loyal to you than to your partners.”

British women stay longer with their hairdresser than with their husband – find out why here.

“Use Google Trends to keep up with the latest hair trends in the UK.”

Keeping up with trends is vital for any hairdresser, find out more ways on how to do it here.


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