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The year is finally coming to an end, and what a year it has been. The Business Hacks blog was launched in April, and we’ve since then published 59 blog posts. The blog has covered a bunch of relevant topics for small businesses in the UK, from revenue management to marketing hacks and customer loyalty strategies. And this is just the start…

We started the blog with the mission to help you start, run, and get ready to grow your business. Here’s a quick recap of the year’s most popular blog post. Top 5, here we go!

Marketing hacks on a shoestring

The most clicked and read blog posts are the “Marketing on a shoestring” series. In total, the series provides 27 marketing hacks for small businesses. “Get creative with your wifi password” and “Create your own stickers” are some of the hacks you’ll find either part one, two or three of our marketing hacks.

The Lunch Price Index

How much do the average lunch prices vary across the UK? We’ve dug through our data to identify the most interesting insights around lunch prices. Check out the blog post here and benchmark your prices to find out how much you should charge for your lunch food!


Apple Pay in UK

In July 2015, Apple finally launched Apple Pay in the UK. Apple Pay lets British consumers pay with their iPhones or Apple Watches. AND, our Card Reader Pro Contactless lets business accept contactless payments such as Apple Pay! We’ve put together a post with everything you need to know about Apple Pay and contactless payments.

Dylan's Ice Cream equipped with Card Reader Pro Contactless and ready for Apple Pay.
Dylan’s Ice Cream equipped with Card Reader Pro Contactless and ready for Apple Pay.

Hey Fido

“How do you build an army of loyal customers?” is one of the questions we answer in this blog post about customer loyalty. Get personal and go the extra mile are two tips we give, but what does Fido the pug have to do with customer loyalty? Find out here.

Get, equip, pimp – GO! How to set up your street food market stall

The street food trend continued to grow throughout 2015 in the UK, but how can you join this trend? We’ve gathered some great tips on how to get started with street food by interviewing the street food champion Andy Waugh.


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