The upcoming beauty trends of 2016

The beauty world never fails to bore us and as far as we can tell, 2016 will be no exception. Let’s look ahead and applaud the most hipster-esque and slick trends 2016 promises to offer. So what’s hot? What looks will your customers want to rock? With such an abundance of forthcoming trending hairdos, knots, scruffy beards and all, we’ve finally managed to nail down a few gems!

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Messy but trendy.

We’re seeing loose, wild, big, natural, butterfly eyes, and bluish traits, where individuality and creativity is at an all-time high. Here are our predictions (surprisingly easy to pull off!) for this year’s hottest beauty trends. Let’s see if we can help you stay on top of your game.

Which trend will you favour and which one is a big no-no?


Just-outta-bed updos

Just-outta-bed frizziness is a look we’re anticipating on our radar. Sunkissed hair and a couple of bobby pins is all that’s needed to master this look. Think messy!

Note to hairdressers: For extra texture, simply add a little dry shampoo. For more inspiration, check out the tips compiled by BuzzFeed.

True blue

Chanel and Marc Jacobs are charting the course of the blue eye makeup frenzy, called ‘Picasso blue’ by makeup artists. To achieve a grungy effect, make sure to put emphasis on smearing (yes smear it on generously) the eyeshadow freely, there’s no rule on ‘how to wear it’. The choice is yours, hopefully your customers trust your taste.

Note to makeup artists: Freestyle alert! Think ‘chaos and creativity’. Need some more inspiration? Click here.

Blue is the colour.
Blue is the colour.

Which trend will you favour and which one is a big no-no?

My personal favourite!
My personal favourite!

MEN IN 2016

Longer hair with short sides

Asymmetry is the key to pulling off this look. Succeed, and make the statement ‘I’m modern and an accidental hipster’.

Note to barbers: Go at it and be experimental as this hairstyle comes in many ways and will result in a range of different looks with one cut. Either keep the front hair as long as possible, slicked back or not, side parted, and shave the sides deep.




Cool faded mohawk

Fades have become a thing and this one is already at the top of every trendy man’s list. Keep the hair at the top the longest length and then let the length gradually fade down until it “blends” in with the skin.

Note to barbers: This cut is simple to maintain, but make sure to listen to the customer and adapt it to fit their personal style.

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