How to keep your sales up as the temperature goes down

The winter months are here and business is slow for many small restaurants and cafés across the UK. But even though the temperature is getting colder, there’s at least one product that’s running hot (literally and figuratively) this time of the year. Can you guess which one?

It’s a cold period for small businesses in the UK at the moment – both in terms of weather and in sales. Many restaurants and cafés experience sharp declines in customers and sales when the weather gets harsh. One report shows that restaurants lose up to 20 % of sales per year due to weather and seasonality.


But what can you do to turn this negative trend around?

Well, when digging through our sales data, I found one product that shows the opposite trend. What I found was a correlation between cold weather and an increase in coffee sales. When the temperature hits 5 degrees or colder – coffee sales increase with an average of 22 % compared to when it’s 11-15 degrees.

What I found was a correlation between cold weather and an increase in coffee sales.

British skin and British coffee sales

Both hate the sun. I can’t speak further on that correlation, but what we found out was that there’s an 18 % increase in coffee sales on days without any sunshine.

Nothing beats a hot cup of coffee on a cold February morning…

So, how can you take advantage of it?

Highlight that you’re selling the best coffee in town during these cold months. Put some extra effort into trying out new beans, and add a few new coffee drinks on your menu.

Be creative to get peoples’ attention! Print out loyalty cards with the 10th coffee for free, start offer coffee samples during the rush hour to give your customers a taste of that new (and more expensive) coffee bean.

Good luck!

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