The most important events to keep track of in 2016

Events can be great for reaching new customers, networking, finding new suppliers, or making a name for your business. But as a business owner, you’re usually bombarded with invites to “the best XXX event in the industry”. Always with unbeatable agendas. And hefty price tags. However – we’ve put together a list of some unexpected events you can take advantage of without going bankrupt.

And as we know – it’s all about planning ahead. How can you prepare yourself and your business for certain events you know will influence your customers? We’ve got some ideas for you here!

Green is the colour!
Green is the colour!

Have fun at S:t Patty’s 13 – 17th of March

An Irish, but nevertheless major, celebration and event that will take place all over the UK (and beyond). This holiday is heavily connected to the colour green, which is something you should take advantage of.

Ideas: Think green . At St Patrick’s people like to dress up and show off the colour green. Everything from nail colours, to highlights and makeup. Add to that some Irish folk music in the speakers and you’re good to go!

Sell more at Chelsea Flower Show 24 – 28th of May

Over 160 000 people are expected to visit the world famous flower show in central London this spring. So how could a small beauty salon take advantage of that?

Ideas: In addition to pimping up your salon with loads of flowers, staff up to prepare for the increased demand of nail and hair appointments before and during the show. And maybe serve (and charge for) a glass of champagne while your guests are waiting? In 2015, 23 823 glasses of champagne were served during the show. Thirsty flower enthusiasts indeed.

Never forget: David Beckham in mohawk. What's 2016's football haircut?
Never forget: David Beckham in mohawk. What’s 2016’s football haircut?

Find inspiration at the UEFA Euro 10th of June – 10th of July

Probably the event most Brits are longing for this year. For the first time in history, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales are all qualified for the big spectacle in France this summer.

Ideas: Sport stars in general and football stars in particular are some of the biggest trendsetters these days. Who can forget when Beckham cut a mohawk and the following week you saw mohawks everywhere? Be on the lookout for the haircuts on the hottest players, and start promoting them in your salon by using the players’ names.

In 2015, 23 823  glasses of champagne were served during the show.

I spot: sore backs.
I spot: sore backs.

Find new customers at Wimbledon 27th of June – 10th of July

The world’s most prestigious tennis tournament is a massive tourist attraction for London with tens of thousands of visitors each year, but also followed by millions on TV and social media.

Ideas: Join the trending hashtag and tailor your messages to the audience (tennis enthusiasts). Anyone suffer from tennis elbow out there? Sore legs from too much tennis? Promote your tennis playing associated appointments during these weeks.

Go patriotic during the Olympic Games 5th – 21st August

Another absolutely massive event. Even though it takes place on the other side of the world, it will still affect and involve millions of Brits on TV & social media, which makes it an excellent opportunity to jump in on the discussions and inevitable debates.

Ideas: Get into a patriotic feeling by playing only British artists, promote specific haircuts by naming them after British heroes and paint nails in the British colours.


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