Snack secrets: Cafe owners spill the beans about the weirdest orders they received in 2015

Where would we be without our morning coffee? Could we even string a sentence together? Well here’s some of the weirdest requests some of our iZettle users working in cafes got in 2015…

Top 10 weirdest cafe orders – grab a cuppa ‘cos here we go!

  1. Can you grind coffee with a hammer?

Now we love a hipster mix, double soy mocha matcha milk-free chai, but this is definitely a step too far!

  1. Customers regularly ask us if we sell coffee……we’re a coffee shop! It literally has coffee shop in the title

We’ll let you away with that one, maybe your brain can’t function without the first brew.

  1. Can I have a latte without the milk please?

Literally, impossible. I mean, latte is ‘milk’ in Italian. You mean an espresso?

  1. Half and half sandwich: one slice brown and once slice white

Sounds pretty good actually – variety is the spice of life and all that!

  1. Americano coffee with foam on top

Okayyyyy so a cappuccino, sir?

  1. Slow cooked eggs to be done quicker

No, just skip the eggs if you’re in a rush. Egg yolk on a silk tie is a nightmare.

  1. A cup of instant coffee!


The closest thing to Nescafé (we use fresh espresso and a £6k machine!)

So this is a common request? C’mon guys, just stay at home.




  1. A drink combining coffee, tequila, Red Bull and some hot sauce all in one. Then he wondered why he was almost sick after trying it.

Can’t cope



  1. Decaf cappuccino with an extra shot

What’s the point?

  1. A customer once asked for a half shot decaf skinny soy latte with the machine fully washed first…

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