How to make a video commercial: Planning

We just did one – have you seen it? Since video is one of the most powerful and effective marketing tools, our creative director Thomas Le Guellaff shares his best hacks for planning and creating a commercial video for your salon!

“A major part of our users are hairdressers – so we decided early on to stage a small barber shop”, says Thomas Le Guellaff, creative director at iZettle.

What can I, as a salon owner with one employee and a marketing budget of like 500 quid, learn from this video?

How to create a video commercial
Some candid shots from when we recorded our new video that’s on air now.

Yes, we do have a much larger budget than most startups now – but the process goes the same. First step, what’s your idea? A strong idea is everything which automatically leads us to your intention with the video. Do you want to:

  • Raise brand awareness – or rather let folks in your area know that you exist?
  • Introduce a new type of treatment? Perhaps, you’re now offering flat top haircuts, like Mr Big in our commercial.
  • Attract existing customers with a new offer? Look at your business objectives (such as exceeding customer expectations or achieving a certain number of treatments per day) and break it down into measurable goals.
How to create a video commercial
Thomas advices to show people before products – to keep in mind when you’re planning your commercial!

Draft an awesome script!  Boil down your ideas into a story, a message that’s short and punchy enough to communicate your intention in seconds. I gather inspiration from literally everywhere, I always start my day spending one hour browsing through my favorite channels.

What topics resonate with the people you’re talking to?

Think people before products. Look at the iZettle video again. People, preferably of your target demographic, create interest. Put in them in an exciting context and let them tell the story. We’ve really been following this philosophy since we launched as a small 10-people startup back in 2010.

Dare to be different! This is the most important one! What topics resonate with the people you’ll be talking to – and how can you find a different angle that will make them remember you? This is the fun and challenging part of the project – that you’ll tackle in minutes or spend days and weeks on…

Next week, we tell you how to actually produce your very own video.

Call-to-action! Don’t lose yourself in the creative obsession of producing your own video. It’s totally necessary for your small salon to get your customers to act now and schedule an appointment. How explicit you are – it’s up to you – as long as the viewer picks up the phone or drop-in.

What caused most hassle during the recording?

We spent half the day to get the last 2-3 seconds right, when Joy is blowing the bubble gum. But it was definitely worth it – that particular little detail really put the frosting on the cake!”


In next week’s “How to Make a Video Commercial Part 2” Thomas tells you how to actually produce a video commercial. In Part 3 we’ll discuss distribution, simply how to put the video in front of your customers. Our social media gurus got all the answers, stay tuned!

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