5 tips to boost restaurant sales for Christmas

Don’t think you have to be in retail to see customers going crazy over Christmas – as a restaurant or cafe owner there are many ways to leverage the deeper pockets of December. With Christmas day only two months away, we serve you some hacks to boost your revenues this season. Let’s begin with…

Many people search for Christmas recipes – how about filming quick how-to-guides in your kitchen?

1. Record a Christmas tutorial video

Many people will host dinners involving a lot of cooking – that means a lot of questions. Create a video where you or your chef shows how to make the best turkey, Christmas pudding or whatever treat you’re awesome at making. Share recipe ideas, food facts and inspirational hacks with a twist of your restaurant. Don’t forget to add a clear call-to-action to your online booking platform. Read our guide on how to get your video marketing efforts going!

Create an email campaign targeting your loyal customers to let them know about your Christmas specials.

Share a video on social where your chef shows how to make a traditional Christmas dish or dessert.

2. Throw a charity event

Christmas is a time for giving, so why not host a charity event for people in need – or organize something together with a local non-profit organization? As we all know, even heartless people, like Mr. Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol”, melt at this time of the year.


3. Talk to last year’s guests – and this year’s bloggers

Use the email addresses you gathered last Christmas (haven’t done this? Then start TODAY! iZettle users can easily gather customer email adressess with our new Customers feature – right after closing the sale) – create an email campaign where you let them know how you gear up for Christmas. Why not offering them a discount on the specials? Share through all your social media platforms, where you also add Christmas-inspired banners.

Holiday specials adds something new and a sense of limited time urgency.

Add snack-friendly food in your cafe that’s perfect for stressed out Christmas shoppers.

4. Twist your menu

Create a unique Christmas menu or gift packages of popular items on your menu. Holiday specials adds something new and refreshening and a sense of limited time urgency. Online partner pages such as lastminute.com and bookatable.com launch special Christmas sections – these listing pages are great reference points for catching Christmas-savvy consumers. Also, don’t forget to add snack-friendly food that’s perfect for stressed out, yet hungry, Christmas shoppers.

Scents and background music are key Christmas features, but please don’t overplay Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas”, the uptempo song initially released in 1994.

5. Smell and sound like Christmas

Add a cozy Christmas ambience to your cafe or restaurant – through decorations, lightening and music. Smells influence the mood and emphasize the season – serving mulled wine and hot apple cider will guarantee the Christmas ambience. As we all know, this time of the year brings out an endless stream of memories – make sure to play the right Christmas music for your guests. Don’t miss the current offer from Soundtrack Your Brand and ensure to play music that triggers purchase behavior. That way you’ll know that you won’t play “All I want for Christmas” – more than absolutely necessary.

Don’t get overwhelmed and stuck in planning. Whatever you decide to do is most likely better than doing nothing. Good luck and Merry Early Christmas!

Stay tuned for the next how-to-boost-Christmas-sales episode – where we reveal what days are going to be busy/slow to let you know when to staff up. Don’t miss out!

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