Food trends 2017: London

Second part in our food trend spotting series – what’s cooking London? We chatted with food blogger Kang Leong aka London Eater.

One of the 25 best inventions of 2013 according to TIME – the cronut, the trademarked croissant-doughnut pastry that caused smaller riots in New York City, will soon be all over the feeds of London’s Instagrammers, says food blogger Kang Leong.

What should I keep in mind for 2017?

  • Local and seasonal. There is a renewed appetite for seasonal, local produce and seasonal changing menus (Grouse for example is awash in the Capital since the start of the British game season on Glorious Twelfth).
  • More casual restaurants. Some Chefs who are more frequently associated with fine dining are now embracing the egalitarian trends of recent years, to open more casual restaurants, backed up with classic technique. Jun Tanaka’s The Ninth is an example, and the latest is Phil Howard – who held 2 Michlelin stars with The Square since 1998- with the opening of Elystan Street.
We will see more Taiwanese influences in London for 2017, writes Kang Leong, the food blogger behind London Eater. Photos by Kang Leong.

What country will be setting the tone in 2017?

Taiwan has an exceptionally rich food culture, due in part to its Chinese heritage as well as influences when it was a Japanese colony. Bao London has thrown a but small light on its street food culture (or night market food to be more precise), though there is much more to Taiwanese cuisine which is yet to be written about in English/Western media.

The next big thing…?

Dominique Ansel will open its London outpost this year, so I expect London’s Instagrammers will turn their attention to cronuts soon.

London Eater is one of London’s most popular food blogs – created and run by Londoner and food photographer Kang Leong.


Kang’s personal favorite spots:

  • Bonhams Restaurant it is a bit of a secret as it is the restaurant attached to, Bonhams which itself is a private auction house. The young head chef there is a chap called Tom Kemble doing seasonal produce-led menu that is turned out with high degree of classic technique, and he had won a Michelin star within 9 months of opening last year.
  • I remain a massive fan of Ginger Pigs sausage rolls and Bread Aheads donuts, both can be found in Borough Market and both are fantastic winter warmers.
  • Elystan Street as I mentioned is a beautiful new restaurant by Phil Howard that does deliciously comforting food [/highlight]

LAGUNITAS #IPA… A beer with a bite!

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Kang Leong has been blogging about food since 2008. He describes himself as:
“No judge merely an observer and mostly just somebody who loves to eat.” Follow Kang on Instagram or Twitter and read his blog “London Eater“. For more on trends, don’t miss Food Trends: Stockholm.

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