The world’s first Christmas tree shop

Have you thought of opening a pop-up shop – but you’re not quite sure about the concept? Anna Benson knew tons about Christmas trees – and figured out that it was about time to give the world its first Christmas tree shop. This is how she did it!

The Christmas tree shop functions as a showroom where the customers can touch and smell different species of fir trees. After purchase the chosen Christmas tree gets delivered to your door.
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Anna Benson is the multifaceted creative behind Granbutiken. Most recently known as the Christmas tree expert in the Swedish press. (Photo credit:

Real Christmas trees look and smell completely different from artificial ones. You know what I’m talking about. The scent of a fresh fir Christmas tree is the smell of Christmas. And since most artificial Christmas trees are made in China, it’s also more climate-smart to buy a real one.

For Swedish entrepreneur Anna Benson, who grew up in the deep forests in the county of Småland in southern Sweden, artificial firs have never been an option. Instead Anna is on a mission of providing Swedes  with fresh Christmas trees in new smart ways.

What about Christmas trees (knock on wood…)?

(Anna) – Well, my family started selling Christmas trees already in 1974 (real ones of course!), a decade or so before I was born. The family business has been on since then and today I’m expanding it together with my brother. According to my dad I sold my first Christmas tree at the age of 12.

I sold my first Christmas tree at the age of 12.

How did you get the idea of a physical shop for Christmas trees?

– My intention was to offer Christmas trees in a modern and more contemporary way. Why shouldn’t you be able to buy your Christmas tree at the same time as you’re picking up all your other Christmas gifts?


3 questions to spark your creative mind:

        • What annoys you? Probably many things! Start by looking at your everyday life. You have probably heard your friends speaking about products, services, restaurants or missing links – “that someone should just launch because they hate not having access to it!”? Could that someone be you? Ask more friends, gather data – then start sketching on a concept that can be turned into a business. Like why on earth shouldn’t you be able to buy your Christmas tree at the same as you’re buying your Christmas gifts?
        • What’s happening next? What new cool things, items or merchandise have you come across that you anticipate a certain group of people will crave for? Think of ways to make it accessible to them. Try your ideas a side project – remember that big things start small.
        • How can you change something around an existing product or process? Evergreen firs have been sold for hundreds of years – yet no one seems to have cracked the code of selling them in a shop. The Christmas tree shop entrepreneur and iZettle user Anna Benson found a new and unexplored way of distributing a familiar product. She created a new valuable experience. [/highlight]


What makes your Christmas trees special?

– All the fifteen different species of fir trees are so called premium models, which means that they’re following certain standards in terms of dimensions. They are of course organic and KRAV-labeled – a well-known organic standard among Swedish consumers.

My intention was to offer Christmas trees in a modern and more contemporary way.

Any tree trends I should be aware of?

– More and more people are looking for pine trees rather than firs. Pine trees still make up a small chunk of the total number of our Christmas tree sales.

Have a tree-mendous Christmas!

– Haha, I sure will – see you in my shop!

The world’s first Christmas tree shop is located in MOOD Stockholm, an upscale department store in the city centre of Stockholm, Sweden. Granbutiken (The Christmas tree shop) opened at the end of November and will stay open until December 22nd.

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